Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scenario: Peyton Manning signs with New York Jets

  • Peyton decides to make the big move. He wants to go to New York and have it be Manning vs. Manning. This move has the biggest chain reaction. I personally think this is the smartest place for Peyton
  • The Jets could use their first round pick on Trent Richardson or a high impact defender. Free agents would love to come to NY and chase rings with Peyton and Rex.
  • Colts select Andrew Luck
  • Rams auction off second overall pick, Browns trade both first rounders and 4th round pick to move up and take Robert Griffin III.
  • Washington Redskins miss out on Manning and RG3, but end up with Ryan Tannehill with 6th overall pick and sign Kyle Orton.
  • Dolphins sign Matt Flynn to compete with Matt Moore.
  • Seahawks send a third round pick to the New York Jets for Mark Sanchez to reunite him with Pete Carroll.
  • Cardinals stick with Kolb and Skelton.

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