Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rich Cimini on Fanny's Freudian Slip

By Rich Cimini

Maybe I'm making something out of nothing (I've been guilty of that before), but I thought this was worth passing along.
GM Mike Tannenbaum did a three-minute interview from Indianapolis with Eric Allen of the team's official web site, and near the end, Tannenbaum was asked about his philosophy of building through the draft. Tannenebaum mentioned the following players, in order, as examples of that philosophy – D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Nick Mangold, Darrelle Revis,David Harris and Kyle Wilson.
"That's the nucleus of our team," Tannenbaum said.
Wait a second: Does anybody find it odd that he didn't mention the most significant acquisition of his three-year association with Rex Ryan – Mark Sanchez? I mean, he was only the fifth pick in the 2009 draft, the second-highest drafted player in the Tannenbaum era. (Ferguson was the fourth pick in 2006.)
Peyton-ologists will have a field day with this omission. Has Sanchez slipped that far in the eyes of the team brass? Wilson gets a mention but not the starting quarterback? Look, maybe Tannenbaum had a bad meal at Steak N' Shake and was looking to get out of the interview ASAP, but I still found this a bit curious.

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