Thursday, May 3, 2012

NY Giants: Reese’s Pieces (2012 Draft Analysis)

Jerry sat still while the frenzy of each round past by. He and his team huddled in their “safe room”. With the mounting ravages of each passing cell, the Giants trusted their predesigned plan. No flinching and reaching like other organizations. No reacting to a rabid fan base.

Jerry learned from Ernie, who learned from George, an effective method for managing the transition of personnel. The fact that a team roster will almost completely turnover every 5 years is most clearly demonstrated by quick look at the rosters of the 2011 Super Bowl participants. I believe the Giants had retained about 6 players from the 2007 Super Bowl roster, and the Patriots had retained about 2.

George Young
The primary methods for adding personnel are the draft and free agency. The cruel math of a 53 man roster, is a team must maintain a turnover rate of somewhere around 10.6 players per year. To make matters more difficult, the 2 prescribed methods for exchange of players must be triangulated with an imposed salary cap.

Ernie Accorsi with
Eli Manning & Tom Coughlin
Now, with that being said, I believe the Giants had an excellent draft. Of course, a realistic evaluation of the 2012 process must wait for at least 3 years, but the Giants added precocious talent at all levels of the depth chart. To the best of their abilities, they added fresh bodies to the treadmill and filled in the gaps that remained after free agency.

Overall Grade: A

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