Wednesday, January 9, 2013

NY METS: Piazza not Elected into the Hall of Fame

The Baseball Hall of Fame election results were announced today and the BBWAA elected nobody to the Hall of Fame this year. Craig Biggio was the leading vote getter falling just short of the 75% threshold at 68%. Mike Piazza was fourth on the voting list at 57.8 %. 

For me I think the rumors of back acne and what that means for suspected steroid use defiantly effected Piazza's totals. I think stories written like the one I wrote about here written by Miami Marlins beat writer Joe Capozzi defiantly had an effect on the outcome of Piazza's results. As for Piazza his total for his first ballot suggest that he will eventually get in but because of writers and stories like the one Capozzi wrote it will defiantly but into question in some minds the validity of his career. It's unfortunate that people can write and accuse others of such accusations without a shred of evidence and not be held accountable. I have tweeted Capozzi after I read his story and asked him to justify his accusations and he did not respond. 

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