Friday, February 24, 2012

Welcome Vinnie 2 Times! Our new NASCAR Blogger!


Ok folks the NASCAR racing season is upon us and boy I'm ready for racing. 

The Bud Shoot Out was hopefully a taste of what we are all going to see on Sunday with the Daytona 500 the racing Super Bowl. NASCAR changed rules and adjusted the cars because a lot of the fans did not like the 2 car tandem or as I called it the 2 car tango. I personally think that was not racing on a super speedway.

The biggest news I think of the week is Danica Patrick who came to Nascar as we all know from the Indy car series and so did her sponsor The # 10 Chevrolet. She will be running in NASCAR Nationwide series full time and run about 10 cup races with Steward/Haas Racing team. Well back to the news I wanted to tell is that Danica got her first pole position in NASCAR. Way to go Danica!

1 Danica Patrick 182.741
2. Trevor Bayne 182.715
3. Elliott Sadler 182.671
4. Dale Earnhardt Jr. 182.593
5. Austin Dillon 182.411

I think all those people that said she doesn't belong in Nascar where's are they now " no comment "
I'm a fan of Danica and hope she does well

Vinnie 2 Times

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Anonymous said...

nice job 2 times i agree on the pack racing at the ss tracks and im sure you are a fan of danica's lol