Sunday, November 11, 2012

NY METS: Should the New York Mets Trade Dickey

By Mr. Met
Staff Writer NFL PRO ZACH

One of the biggest issues this off season for the Mets is how to resolve is the RA Dickey situation. In fact, this issue may or may not determine how the Mets go about the rest of their off season plans

You see with the David Wright situation he is a young franchise player in which you can choose to build around for the future or in my opinion build a competitive lineup around for this year as well. Dickey is different one because of his age and two because he is not the face of this franchise. Meaning the Mets will not get trounced on by the media if they choose to move him for a group or prospects or a young bat or catcher as rumored. This would help revamp a lineup that is aching for power and run production. However, the argument can also be made to resign the 38 year old ace knuckle baller. The fact that he throws a knuckle ball as his primary pitch means there is not a lot stress placed on his elbow. In fact, most knuckle baller's pitch well into their 40s with that being the case why can't the Mets give Dickey an extension for 3 or even 4 years at Ace money. The man is the favorite to win this years NL Cy Young award. This story is becoming rather sickening to me. This is a New York ball club... this isn't Kansas City. The Mets need to step up and gets this extension and Wright's extension done. Alderson said these situations would be resolved by the end of the World Series it is now the middle of November.

If the Mets do trade Dickey this team will be on trouble how do you replace not only his 20 wins but the innings he threw. Imagine if some of these extra innings get passed on to this horrible bullpen. It's time for Alderson and ownership to make some moves and put some money behind this team. If not this team will continue to be one of the worst franchise in baseball and as its ineptitude starts from the top and trickles down through the clubhouse. It's time to turn this franchise around and it starts by keeping your own players and building around them. 

I have no problem if the Mets rather trade for outfielders than sign a guy like Josh Hamilton or BJ Upton. But they got too stop this garbage about not paying players who have proven to produce in Mets colors. How do you expect to build a loyal fan base when this front office continues to let fan favorite productive players leave via trade (Beltran) or free agency (Reyes). This is New York not Oakland Fans certainly not Moneyball. It's all part of the three ring circus that we as fans have become accustomed too over the last 4 years!  

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