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Where are you Mr. Alderson: The Current State of the Front Office of The New York Mets

By Mr.Met
Staff Writer NFL PRO ZACH

               When Omar Minaya was relieved of his duties as GM of The New York Mets, Met’s fan were promised responsibility, accountability, and a new direction that would all accumulate into a winning ball club.  The general consensus among not only ownership but the media and the fans was that Sandy Alderson was the right man for the job.  An experienced baseball executive that when hired would change the culture of this ball club and the front office for the better.  However, 2 years into his regime with the 3rd right around the corner this ball club is in the worst shape in recent history.  Alderson’s overall record speaks for itself at 151 wins and 173 losses that is a messily .466 winning percentage over the last 2 years perhaps even more concerning than this was that this year’s version of Alderson’s Mets only won 74 ball games which is a decline from the 77 that they won previously in 2010.  So did Alderson change the culture for the New York Mets, he certainly did but statistically speaking not for the better. During, Omar Minaya’s 6 years at the helm of the Mets his ball club’s winning percentage was .521, not great but very respectable.  In fact, Omar’s Mets had a winning season 4 out of his 6 years as GM.  Although, Minaya’s last 2 seasons at the helm resulted in losing records only 1 of those years 2009 ever resulted in a worst record than these previous 2 years with Alderson running the ball club.  That’s some winning culture Mr. Alderson has created in Queens isn’t it?  

To make matters worse Sandy Alderson has actually turned this ball club into the second rate Mickey Mouse organization that WFAN’s radio talk show host Mike Francesa often referred to under the final years of Omar Minaya’s regime.  When Alderson took over for the 2011 season he promised that, even though,  the Mets would not compete in  2011 and participate in the free agent market place that season that the 2012 season would be a different story.  However, when 2012 rolled around Mr. Alderson sang a new tune and said perhaps in 2013 we can compete in the free agent market place.  It is now the winter heading into the 2013 season and folks its sounds like Mr. Alderson is once again singing a similar tune wait till next year.  So when does next year actually come?  I am going to go out on a limb and say next year will never come for Mr. Alderson’s Mets in fact I am going to come right out and say I believe Sandy Alderson is a liar and he is insulting my intelligence as a fan in doing so.  

Carlos Delgado
Let’s look at the facts here.  No matter what kind of shape ownership was/is in Omar always looked to improve during the off season, whether it be the successful moves like the signing of Carlos Beltran and Pedro Martinez or the trades for Carlos Delgado and Johan Santana.   The moves that make us grimmest in pain when they do not turn out like signing of Jason Bay or the resigning of Louis Castillo and Oliver Perez, Minaya tried to improve his team.  In fact, the major gripe against Minaya was the supposed lack of talent he had in the minor leagues.  Although, he missed on top prospects such as Fernando Martinez, Carlos Gomez, and others he certainly hit big on guys such as Ike Davis, Matt Harvey, and Jon Niese.  In fact, the young players on this team were either drafted or signed as international free agents by Omar Minaya. Even RA Dickey’s services were originally acquired by Minaya.  So what has Alderson and his staff which includes former Blue Jay’s GM JP Ricciardi and Paul Depodesta (Peter Brand in the movie MoneyBall is based on Paul Depodesta) actually done? 

 I’ll tell you what they’ve done they feed us garbage.  Among all the lies and false promises of being presently surprised Alderson has made very few moves.  Sure did he get a top prospect for Carlos Beltran, he did.  But we still do not know how that move will turn out (I believe Zach Wheeler will be a great pitcher one day).  But after that he traded Angel Pagan for an outdated, less talented, and older version of well Angel Pagan in Andres Torres a guy who has some speed, some pop, and plays a solid outfield.   He also got Ramon Ramirez in that deal, needless to say with Pagan now wearing a championship ring that move was a bust.  How about that 2 year deal for Frank Francisco that certainly isn’t looking very good right now. To be fair we then have to give him credit for the signing of Scott Hairston, although, in the end did he really make a difference.  Alderson’s big area of improvement was supposed to be the bullpen. After watching last season we can say that was a total bust as the Mets had one of the worst bullpens in the entire MLB.  For the first time in recent history a New York team allowed a young in their prime franchise player walk who just won a batting title in Jose Reyes.  That in my book is inexcusable, and to top this off when asked for a comment Alderson showed the type of circus he runs when he stated that Jose seemed he was upset maybe I’ll send him a box of chocolates but even then those chocolates wouldn’t cost a 100 million dollars.  This angers me as a fan of a New York sport franchise this is not Kansas City!  They let a player who was promoted as the franchise for years simply walk away; I honestly do not know a Mets fan who did not own some type of Reyes shirt or jersey.  This move to me was simply disgusting.  

Alderson and his group of clowns have tried to pass off a group of young players who were drafted and signed by Omar Minaya who were supposed to help supplement the core of his team an ageing Carlos Beltran, a in their prime David Wright, and Jose Reyes the problem is Beltran and Reyes are no longer here to make up the nucleus of this team.  And when these players do not perform he simply lies and blames the fans for not attending the games to see his poor product in which he has put little effort into putting together.  In fact how many time has Depodesta and Ricciardi even been seen around this ball club?  How about the manager he hired, Terry Collins.  Do I think Collins is a nice guy maybe I don’t know the man the media certainly does.  What has become clear over the last two years is that Collins makes some questionable decisions.  One of which I took particular issue with in last season’s final two months (September and October).  

Why on Earth was Ike Davis a dynamic power hitter and potential Gold Glove first basemen loosing at bats at first base to Lucas Duda?  Looking statistically at the situation only makes matters worst for me.  After a dismal April and May start to the season last year where Ike hit under the Mendoza line with only 5 homers 13 runs scored and 21 RBIs, Ike turned his year around, although, he still hit only .227 in 519 at bats he had 32 homers with 90 RBIs and 26 doubles an impressive feat in that ball park compared and especially compared to Duda’s line of hitting .239 over 401 at bats with 15 doubles and 15 homers with only 57 RBIs.  More importantly to this argument over 75 at bats in September and October Duda hit only 2 homers with 10 RBIs whereas over the same time span Ike had 91 at bats but hit an impressive 7 homers with 16 RBIs.  In my opinion Collins fits right in with the clowns and ineptness of this front office.  

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So my question is why is this front office getting a free pass?  Recently Sandy Alderson said he would like to have the situation with RA Dickey and David Wright sorted out before the World Series, we are now sitting here after the World Series with no plan on how to handle Wright or Dickey going forward.  Once again no results and more lies that insult me as a fan.  Let me make one thing clear this is not an argument for Omar Minaya it was time for him to go.  What I am saying is that after 2 seasons going into his 3rd offseason as the GM it is time to hold Alderson and his staff accountable! 

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