Saturday, January 19, 2013

New York Mets

The New York Mets and Bobby Parnell reached an agreement on a 1 year 1.7 Million Dollar contract avoiding arbitration. The Mets still face arbitration with both 1baseman Ike Davis and 2 baseman Daniel Murphy.
According to ESPN New York the New York Mets and 1st Baseman Ike Davis have reached a contract agreement this avoiding arbitration. The contract is reportedly a 1 year deal worth approximately 3.1 million dollars. Davis was originally seeking 3.7 million while the Mets filed for arbitration at 2.825 million dollars. So it looks as if both sides agreed to meet somewhere in between which is always better than going through with the arbitration process where each side has to justify their number. This usually leaves the player feeling a little angry as the organization points out wholes in their game to try to justify and win their case. Daniel Murphy is the teams lone player left still facing arbitration as the Mets have offered around 2.55 million to Murphy where as he is looking for 3.4 million dollars hopefully the club and Murphy work out a deal to avoid arbitration before the date arrives.

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