Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What the Knicks Need to do...

By BrainHeat

The Knicks stink. Yep. They stink. Things looked promising when STAT (Amare Stoudemire) signed up. Then Knick owner James (Knucklehead) Dolan 

didn't listen to the guru (Donnie Walsh) and traded for Carmelo Anthony. Donnie was doing just fine with his long term plan. He wanted to wait until the deal was right. That's what great GM's do. Play chicken.

Instead, Dolan shipped the team Donnie built and picks. Donnie wanted a point guard and a center. He didn't want Melo. Donnie Walsh knew Melo was a scoring machine, but he also knew Melo didn't fit in his plan.

 Teams have to have chemistry. Right now, the Knicks have no chemistry. Baron Davis is a good player, but he can't save the sinking ship.

A move has to be made.
Hopefully, Donnie Walsh is in the background advising the Knicks current GM (Glen Grunwald). 

Here is my solution.

Trade Carmelo Anthony straight up for Deron Williams. This trade will make both teams better. I would hate to see Melo go, but, it has to happen. Brooklyn needs a star for the new arena. Melo is that star. Deron would sign his new contract with the knicks, which the Nets couldn't accomplish. This may also draw Dwight Howard to the Nets. 

Everyone is happy. Especially me....

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