Friday, February 10, 2012

The Big Ragu - Pre Tampa - NY Yankees

Now that the Super Bowl is over it's time for Yankee Baseball. 

First off.
High expectations as usual for the Yankees. The Pineda / Montero trade. Even though Montero's future looked promising it had to be done. CC can't carry the load himself. Has pressure already been placed on Pineda before he's even gotten to spring training ? Can he handle the NY spot light ? We shall see.

 We say good bye to Jorge Posada. A true Yankee. We won't see him behind the plate but we should see him in Monument Park. HOF ??

As for the AJ Burnett trade rumor. Just like I said rumor. Can't see it. What team would do it ? He makes to much money. It's very early. I'm a glass half full kinda guy. I expect AJ to pitch well this season. Here's my prediction 16 and 8 record with a low 4 ERA? Huh ? I think that glass was half full last year too....We shall see.

What the Yankees need is timely, clutch hitting especially in October, because nothing matters til October. Looking forward to another great, fun season.
Next...A pitchers & Catchers update...
Go Bombers

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