Thursday, February 9, 2012

Giant Free Agency 1.0 / Major Moves

Giant Free Agency 1.0 / Major Moves

Ok, lets boil and mash the potatoes. Add a big slab of butter, a dollop of sea salt, and some freshly ground pepper. The Giants 2012 Free Agency activity will not resemble French fries. Below is the recipe for mixer.
  1. Jerry don’t do glamor. Perhaps he reaches to secure an upgrade at Guard, Tackle, or Tight End, but that’s it. I am sure he has already worked his Draft Board and has an idea on what he may replenish through that process.
  1. Running back will be done in the later rounds of the Draft, unless a stud falls into their lap. More than likely Ware, and Scott move up and take the place of Jacobs. T.C. doesn’t trust rookies. Coach believes in the orderly advancement of the roster. Of course, this drives me nuts. When you consider both Super Bowls were greatly assisted by players only given an opportunity because of injury. This wasn’t a demonstration of coaching flexibility; this was an exercise of need.
  1. T.E. will have to be addressed. Both Ballard and Beckum sustained injuries in the Super Bowl. Sadly, Ballard could miss the entire 2012 season. Even if the Giants draft a T.E., the Giants will not go into a new season with only Pascoe to depend on. T.C. doesn’t trust rookies. T.C. wouldn’t start Jesus, if he was a rookie. I expect the Giants to sign a lunch pail T.E. in Free Agency, and draft for the future.
  1. I don’t expect Jerry to resign McKenzie. I doubt Brewer is ready. So what now? OL is a high priority early in the Draft, as well as securing a David Bass type signing in Free Agency.
  1. I expect Jerry to resign Thomas and Ross. CB’s are rare, so even a weak-link like Ross will be brought back. Prince will win the starting job and Ross will be used in the nickel and dime packages. Giants could add a CB late in the draft, if there is a perceived value.
  1. I believe the Giants will draft an LB within the first 2 rounds of the Draft. If they do, I expect them to part ways with Grant, and perhaps play less 3 safeties. Sash will continue to develop and the return of Jones is unknown. Rolle played well in the box, but was a liability in coverage. Phillips has not returned to his pre-injury level. They will try to squeeze another year with this grouping.
  1. I believe the Giants will sign Goff to a 1 year with an option deal as insurance. They will not overpay for a bridge to the future.
  1. Osi re-ups under win/win terms or is traded for a 2 or a 3. It’s up to Osi. Who knows what he is thinking. Tollefson resigns a cap friendly deal with the Giants.
  1. Last but not least. Reese will resign Super Mario. Mario is the only Giant WR that can effectively stretch the field. Speed, but poor route runner, and not the greatest hands. Offenses must attack laterally, not just horizontally. Barden is a possession receiver and Jernigan isn’t ready to start. If the price is right, Reese resigns Manningham.

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OLEIKAN said...

They won't resign Aaron Ross. Best you'll get for OSI is a 3rd!