Saturday, March 17, 2012

More NY JET Bashing!

By Harry Kidis, fan blogger  

NJ.COM Article

No, don't tell me Wilpon bought the NY Jets too!

By the way the Jets have spent their money so far this off season, one would think that Woody Johnson also invested money with Madoff!  The question for us fans is, which team is more on the cheap, Jets or the Mets? 
Why are the Jets wasting $1.25M of cap money for Drew Stanton as a backup QB?  Really?  You think Drew Stanton will do that much a better job than McElroy?  What exactly hasStanton done again?  Oh yea, he was not active for any games last season as the Lions 3rd string QB!  He has no playing experience to help Sanchez and is a perennial backup!  Shoot, you could have gotten Clemens for half that! So, if Sanchez goes down, he's going to come in??  I guess anyone can hand-off, eh?  So, why pay them $1.25M?  Wait, after leaving as Mets VP, what has Jeff Wilpon been doing? 
So far, the Jets were rejected by one of the best QB to play the game and have allowed Mario Williams to chase down Sanchez twice a year!  Unless the Jets have a huge draft, they will be as bad as the NY Mets!  Do you think Woody sold the team to Fred Wilpon under our noses?  
Maybe Wilpon can enlarge Metlife stadium and add some blind spots were defenders can see Sanchez's floating passes, just for Sh.ts and giggles!  Then, in a few years, he'll make it smaller again!     
I'm confused Jets fans, I hope there is a lot more to come because this team has many needs and so far, the Jets filled exactly.... none of them, yet still spent money!

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