Thursday, February 16, 2012


Ok. From time to time I've been know to rant. Well, this is one of those times. Do you want to know what New York sports talk radio is saying about the Yankees ?...............NOTHING !! 

Kevin Maas - NY Yankees
We're a couple of days away from the opening of spring training and no one is talking about the Yankees. No matter what station I put on their talking about the same two things. Football and basketball ! Correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't football was over February 5th ? Do I really need to hear about the possible off season moves by Jacksonville Jaguars ? Did you hear what I said ? The Jacksonville Jaguars !!! WTF ? This is New York. Come on people !! 

The other story I keep hearing is. Linsanity, Linsanity !! Ok Ok, don't get me wrong I get it. The kid is playing well, the Knicks are playing well. It reminds me of a time in the 1980's when Kevin Maas arrived on the scene with the Yanks. He was hitting bombs over the short porch in right field every other day. It was "Maas Hysteria." I remember banners hanging at the stadium that said " The M+M Boys" and I don't mean Mantle and Maris. I mean Mattingly and Maas. Well we all know how that turned out for Kevin.

 Like I said, Jeremy Lin and the team are playing well. It's a nice story. I hope it lasts for him because you know how some fans can be. The minute he misses some shots, throws a few turnovers and they lose five in a row they'll want to run him out of town faster than their trying to run AJ Burnett out. 

How's that working out ? I've even heard a little talk about the Mets. The Mets ? Do they still have a team ? I'm not saying don't talk about other stuff just give me some Yankee Baseball. All I'm asking for is a few of hours a day that's all. Because in a couple of weeks all I'm going to hear about is March Madness !!

If your a die hard Yankee fan like me and you bleed Yankee blue, then come back here and click on "The Big Ragu"

Lets Go Yankees !!!

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