Monday, June 4, 2012

NY Giants: Martellus Bennett 291 Pounds!

Coach Coughlin wants Martellus Bennett to hit the weight room!

On Friday, we pointed out that new Giants tight end Martellus Bennett recently weighed in at a whopping 291 pounds. This prompted plenty of jokes around the Internets about Bennett becoming an extra lineman.

But Bennett didn't like any of the jokes and questions about his size and, during a shirtless interview at Giants offseason training activities, said that he bulked up on purpose and that he is "not fat."

"I had to let the world see because the way it sounds it's like, 'Damn this guy's fat? Like he let himself get fat?' Bennett said, per Jorge Castillo of the New Jersey Star-Ledger. "I just wanted everybody to know that I'm not fat. I'm trying to get an eight pack. I got six and a half now. I'm trying to get eight.

"I'm looking like Atlas, not Professor Klump."

Bennett also reminded people that he could be a pretty hilarious dude. By all accounts, his interview was closer to Klump-y in terms of laughter involved.

However, via our Giants Rapid Reporter Alex Raskin, it doesn't really sound like Bennett's new coach Tom Coughlin is that thrilled with the weight gain.

"He is a guy that obviously has got the size to carry whatever weight we would want him to carry," Coughlin said. "He claims that he has made very good strides in the weight room. He played in the 270's last year, so we will get that under control."

Coughlin certainly wants Bennett to be busting his tail in the weight room, and it's likely the coach wants to see Bennett also step up as a run blocker. But at the same time, if Bennett's off about his weight gain and it limits his ability to be productive as a receiver, that could grind Coughlin's gears pretty quickly. 

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