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      The Yankees first selection and 30th overall pick for the 2012 First-Year Player Draft was right-handed pitcher Ty Hensley from Edmond Santa Fe Oklahoma High School. The 6' 4" 220 pound 18 year old was 10-0 in 11 games. As a senior he had 111 strikeouts in 55 1/3 innings. He was named the 2012 Gatorade Oklahoma Player of the Year. Hensley, 18, who's fastball is said to top out at 94 mph also posses a power curveball which is his best pitch. In high school he was also a switch hitter.
       According to Yankees VP of amateur scouting Damon Oppenheimer,. "We're excited to get a guy with such a high ceiling,"
He has the ideal body for a high school pitcher, as well as power stuff, and has the ability to be a high-end starter. He's demonstrated a quality makeup and has shown himself to be a hard worker, which makes him a quality pick for us."
       Hensley told the MLB Network in a pre-draft interview that he models his game and mechanics after Roger Clemens but tries to pitch efficiently like Roy Halladay. Hensley's father Mike was a second round pick in 1988 draft and pitched for St. Louis Cardnials' Minor League system from 1988-1990 and then went onto coach for Kansas State University. 
       On day two of the 2012 First-Year Player Draft with the 89th pick the Yankees selected two sport player Austin Aune a 6' 2" left-handed hitting center fielder from Argyle High School in Texas. On the Sunday before the draft Aune had moved into his dorm room and was getting ready to start summer classes and begin workouts as a quarterback for the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs when the Yankees selected him on Tuesday. Then a few hours later he decided to sign with the Yankees so he packed up, moved out and started the drive back home. Aune said, "I've been playing baseball way longer than football." "Football, I really started playing in eighth grade, and I turned out to be pretty good. I got an offer after my junior year from TCU. I got a dual-sport deal so I could play football and baseball, and it didn't get much better than that. At that time, I had no clue I was going to be drafted or anything. I accepted it, and it worked out that I got drafted." Aune had always been a shortstop before becoming a centerfielder in his junior year at Argyle. Argyle coach Rick Griffin said, " at practice during BP he would always go out to centerfield to catch fly balls and it was fun to watch him." "He glides out there," Griffin said. "He gets to balls that most people who play that position don't get to, at least not around here. They just don't get to those balls." Aune carried his team to a 22-6 record hitting .447 with 8 homeruns and 41 RBIs.

           Here's a quick look at Day 2 for the Yankees  2012 First-Year Player Draft.
 94    Peter O'Brien, Miami. Last year in Miami the 6' 5" catcher hit .340 with 10 homeruns, 12 doubles, 40 RbIs in 41 games.
 124   Nathan Mikolas, Bradford H.S. in Kenosha, Wisconsin. A 6' 2"  200 lb left-handed hitting outfielder considered one of the best high school bats in the draft.
157   Corey Black, Faulkner. This 5' 11" right-handed pitcher started his career at San Diego State University then had Tommy John surgery and transferred to Faulkner. There he was 11-2 with an ERA of 1.53 in 88 innings. His 94 to 96 mph fastball most likely will turn him into a reliever.
187   Robert Refsnyder, Arizona. A right-handed hitting outfielder at Arizona will most likely become a second baseman due to his lack of power that's needed at the big league level. In high school he was an infielder hitting .353 with 61 RBIs and 12 stolen bases in 60 games.
217   Nicholas Goody, Louisiana State. Last year while playing at State College in Florida the Yankees selected him in the 22nd round but he did not sign he transferred to LSU instead. At LSU he had an ERA of 2.51, struck out 45, had 11 saves, walked only 3 in 32 1/3 innings.
247  Taylor Garrison, Fresno State. The right-handed pitcher did not sign when he was the 27th round pick for the Dodgers last season. He had 28 appearances as a reliever striking out 52 in 42 1/3 innings with an ERA of 2.98 and 11 saves.
277  Taylor Dugas, Alabama. This left-handed hitting outfielder did not sign last year after he was drafted by the Cubs. He stayed at Alabama and set the school's all-time record with 332 hits. He hit .343 with 2 homeruns, 12 doubles, 7 triples and 8 stolen bases. 
307  Derek Varnadore, Auburn. This 6' 4" 225 lb right-handed pitcher was only 4-7 with an ERA of 4.93. He struck out 63 in 87 2/3 innings while walking 30.
337  Matt Snyder, Ole Miss. As a senior the 6' 6" Snyder hit .363 with 7 homeruns and 39 RBIs in 36 games. His brother Brandon plays for the Rangers and his dad Brain played 12 years professionally and 2 in the big leagues.
367  Caleb Frare, Custer County H.S. This hard throwing lefty from Montana signed to play at Utah.
397  Christopher Breeen, Winter Springs H.S. Fla. The 6' 3" offensive catcher has signed to play at Seminole State College.
427  James Pazos, San Diego. After being picked in the 40th round last year by the D-Backs out of high school Pazos decided to go to college and had an ERA of 2.14 with 63 strikeouts in 63 innings as a reliever at San Diego.
457  Andrew Benak, Rice. This 6' 5" right-handed pitcher began as a reliever then switched to a starter going 7-2 with an ERA of 2.70 with 72 strikeouts in 66 2/3 innings.
487  Dayton Dawe, A.B. Lucas H.S Canada. The 6' 3" right-handed Dawe has an 93 mph fastball and is receiving help from former Yankee Paul Quantrill who is Dawe's pitching coach.  
         Here's how the rest of the Yankees 2012 First-Year Player Draft finished up.
517Lopez, StefanSoutheastern Louisiana University, LARHPR/RJR6'02" 190lbs DOB: 06/04/91
547Flight, TimothySouthern New Hampshire, NHLHPL/LSR6'04" 195lbs DOB: 12/27/90
577Lail, BradyBingham HS, UTRHPR/RHS6'02" 170lbs DOB: 08/09/93
607Enns, DietrichCentral Michigan, MILHPL/LJR6'01" 195lbs DOB: 05/16/91
637Reynolds, MichaelTexas A&M, TXSSS/RJR5'09" 170lbs DOB: 08/19/90
667Reed, JamesMaryland, MDLHPL/LJR5'11" 165lbs DOB: 12/18/90
697Marks, BrettWallace State CC, ALRHPR/RJ16'01" 185lbs DOB: 05/22/92
727Jackson, VincentLuella HS, GACFL/LHS6'04" 190lbs DOB: 02/04/94
757Mesa, JoseCharles Flanagan HS, FLRHPR/RHS6'04" 215lbs DOB: 08/13/93
787Moore, TyMater Dei HS, CAOFL/RHS5'11" 185lbs DOB: 07/26/93
817Haslup, CharlesMaryland, MDRHPR/RJR6'03" 180lbs DOB: 08/23/91
847Oh, DanielCalifornia, CAOFL/LSR6'00" 190lbs DOB: 12/28/89
877Stewart, DemetriusThe Bolles School, FLOFL/RHS6'00" 215lbs DOB: 11/30/93
907Diaz, JoseAdvantage Learning Institute,LHPR/LHS6'01" 178lbs DOB: 09/01/94
937Rhymes, RaphaelLSU, LAOFR/RJR6'00" 190lbs DOB: 10/22/89
967Johnson, KevinUniversity of Illinois, ILRHPR/RJR6'03" 190lbs DOB: 04/05/91
997Cannizaro, GarrettTulane, LASSR/RJR6'00" 180lbs DOB: 08/10/90
1027Butler, SaxonSamford University, AL1BL/LSR6'02" 239lbs DOB: 05/11/90
1057Erickson, EricMiami, FLLHPR/L5S6'00" 188lbs DOB: 02/17/88
1087Farmer, KyleGeorgia, GASSR/RJR6'00" 191lbs DOB: 08/17/90
1117Smith, DaltonUniversity City HS, CACR/RHS6'03" 205lbs DOB: 06/29/94
1147Basford, CharlesSamford University, ALRHPR/RSR6'02" 210lbs DOB: 07/16/90
1177Thompson, DavidWestminster Christian School, FLOFR/RHS6'01" 180lbs DOB: 08/28/93
1207Decker, BoEast Ridge HS, FLOFR/RHS6'03" 190lbs DOB: 04/20/93
1237Lacrus, ShermanWestern Oklahoma State, OKOFR/RJ15'11" 185lbs DOB: 12/23/93


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