Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Good morning Giant Fans. Druid has spent the weekend channeling Jerry Reese, Be amazed as he reveals the G-Men war room game plan for the 2013 NFL Draft.

The Giants have 8 picks in the upcoming draft. As usual, there is an open mindedness, but no plan/intent to trade out of their designated positions.

PICK #1 (19)This pick will be a freak. The Giants prefer it was a DE, OL, or S. These picks are not made in a vacuum. They must release Tuck, Baas, and Rolle in 2014, so they can re-sign Cruz, Nicks, and JPP. Yet, this is the spot where you can swing for the fences and have a reasonable chance of hitting a homerun.

Ok, lets peak in at Jerry’s 1st round board and see how he groups the “freaky” 1st rounders. Percentages are a blend of availability, the degree of upside, and a risk/reward variance.

Werner 50% Fluker 35% Carradine 25%
Ogletree 50% Vaccaro 25% Jones 15%
Moore 50% Watson 25%
Warmack 35% Hunt 25%

The Giants select Bjoern Werner – This pick is almost too easy. Werner is a natural 4-3 LDE with an excellent risk/reward equation.


PICK #2 (49) – With the first pick, The Giants are thrilled to have added their heir apparent to Justin Tuck. They will continue to execute their plan from the pool of identified players below.

Frederick 50% Armstead 25% Jenkins 25%
Montgomery 50% Amerson 25% Swearinger 15%
Okafor 50% Collins 25% Te’o 15%

GIANTS PICK – Travis Frederick – Frederick will have a year to develop into Baas’s replacement. He can play some G, if need be.

PICK #3 (81) – With the first 2 selections the Giants have stayed on script. For the most part, it continues to be a process of elimination. The next pick will likely come from the following group of prospects.

Blidi Wreh-Wilson 
Alford 50% Holmes 25%
Ryan 50% C. Washington 15%
Wreh-Wilson 50% T. Mathieu 15%

GIANTS PICK – Blidi Wreh-Wilson Blidi is the kind of big corner the Giants covet. The Giants roster, absent Prince, has too many question marks returning at CB.


PICK #4 (116) – 3 picks and 3 future starters.

C. Washington 50% J. Bostic 25%
N. Johnson 25% J. Jenkins 25%
C. Michael 25% D. Williams 15%

GIANTS PICK – Jon Bostic – Jerry adds an ILB to the mix. Connor is signed for 1 year and Herzlich is a special teamer.


PICK #5 (152) – From this pick on, Jerry starts betting on long shots.

D. Taylor 50% R. Fragel 25%
M. Mauti 50% O. Aboushi 25%
W. Davis 25% A. Mellette 25%

GIANTS PICK – Reid Fragel – Jerry hopes this converted OT can continue to develop.


PICK #6 (187) – “Earth to Jerry” From below.

T. Hawthorne 25% R. Miles 25%
B. Cave 25% L. Murray 25%
C. Fuller 25% M. Furstenburg 25%

GIANTS PICK – Rontez Miles – Jerry grabs some value and fills in the loss of KP. Miles should be useful on special teams. Perhaps, T. Thomas works out at Safety?


PICK #7 (225)- Does Jerry have another Markus Kuhn up his sleeve?

GIANTS PICK - Marcus Davis – Yes he does! Giants grab a big wide out from a familiar program.


PICK #8 (253)- Jerry is off the map. The Giants will use this pick to grab a player they will not be able not sign as a URF.

GIANTS PICK – Knile Davis – A player with a high-risk health profile. Knile may not be physically ready for camp.


Good Luck Giant Nation. Go Big Blue.

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