Sunday, August 12, 2012


By BrainHeat
NFL PRO ZACH Staff Writer

The NY JETS are not winning the super bowl. 
They may wind up in the bottom third of the league. 

The defense is a bit better with the additions of Quinton Coples, Demario Davis and free agent LaRon Landry, but, let's be real. Calvin Pace, Bryan Thomas and Bart Scott are not what they use to be. 

The offense is worse than last year. The only bright spots are the additions of Stephen Hill and Tim Tebow. Yes! Tim Tebow! He was the only one on the whole team against the Bengals that looked like he actually wanted to win! 

As I have written in the past, going all the way back to the end of last season, it's time to let some players go and give some young guys a chance.

  1. Mark Sanchez: He's no better than Chad Henne and Henne is a 2nd stringer in Jacksonville. Another tannenbaum blunder by giving him that ridiculous extension. Trade him to Arizona, eat some salary and get a 3rd or 4th round pick.
  2. Calvin Pace: Over the hill. It even looks as though his heart isn't in it this year. I saw an interview of him the last day of mini camp. He was disinterested.
  3. Bryan Thomas: Lost a step and a half. Great guy, but....let's move on.
  4. Wayne Hunter: How did this guy get a new contract? What? Tanny Blunder #2.
  5. Santonio Holmes: Toxic. Trade 'em. Get a 6th round pick and eat some salary. I would have cut him the night of the Miami game last year. You blew it Rex. Send him to Dallas to the other circus show. Tanny Blunder #3.
  6. T.J Conley: Steve Weatherford was a weapon for the NY JETS and they never recovered. Conley is average at best. Give Baltz a chance. Why not?
  7. Jeff Cumberland: Might as well line up another tackle if you need a blocking tight end. Give the Aussie a shot and move Josh Baker to #2.
  8. Vladimir Ducasse: End the misery.

Tim Tebow - NY JETS
Start Tebow

Again, the NY JETS are not winning the super bowl. The team is still in dissarray. The NY JETS don't have a prayer of reaching (.500) five hundred. By starting Tebow, at least they have a prayer! All the ESPN, FOX and other network Know-It-Alls can say what they want. Tebow knows how to win. His attitude is contagious. The NY Jets won't go all the way , but at least it will be exciting. Don't lie, we all hang on every move while he is the QB. You just don't know what he can pull out of the hat! Good or bad! End the inevitable and start that freak!

More to come from BrainHeat next week...

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