Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reese's Pieces: "The 75" and "The 53"

By The Professor
NFL Pro Zach Staff Writer

Ok Giant fans, here is the skinny. I expect the 75 as follows, added in BOLD. In plain print, I project the opening day roster. I suspect when Tom and Jerry powwow today, a list similar to the below, to be posted tomorrow. Next week, the Giants will attempt to hide and slip through 9 prospects to the Practice Squad from the 22 on the bubble. Some of the 22 are not eligible for the PS and must be released. I expect those players to get extended time in the final pre-season game against the Patriots for a last look, as well as fostering those players ability to latch on to another team. The Giants are grateful for their past service, and their work in camp. It is smart business to demonstrate this to future UDFAs. Of course, if the Giants claim a player from the cut list of another team, that player would be added to the 53 and a corresponding cut would be required. The Giants may be looking to add a veteran CB, or tackle?

BOLD = 75
Opening Day Roster = 53

OFFENSE – (26) (8)

QB’s – Manning, Carr, Perrilloux
FB – Hynoski, Martinek
RB – Bradshaw, Ware, Wilson, Scott, Brown
WR – Nicks, Cruz, Randle, Hixon, Barden, Jernigan, Stanback, Douglas
C - Baas, Cordle, White
T – Beatty, Diehl, Brewer, Locklear
G - Snee, Boothe, Petrus, Mosley, McCants, Capers
TE – Bennett, Pascoe, Robinson

DEFENSE (24) 1(PUP) 1(IR) (14)

DE – Tuck, Pierre-Paul, Umenyiora, Tracy, Ojomo, Marshall
DT – Joseph, Austin, Bernard, Hendricks, Canty(PUP), Kuhn, Thomas, Powell
LB – Blackburn, Boley, Kiwanuka, Rivers, Herzlich, Williams, Paysinger, Jones, Muasau
S - Phillips, Rolle, Hill, Sash, Nicolas, Brown
DB – Webster, Amukamara, Hosley, Coe, Tryon, Molden, Thomas(IR), Johnson, Bing, Hughes


LS – DeOssie
P – Weatheford
PK – Tynes

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