Monday, September 17, 2012

NY Giants: 10 Giant reactions after week 2

By The Professor
NFL PRO ZACH Staff Writer

  1. Jerry Reese is a genius. Osi, never played the run, but now he has become an ex-sack artist. Jerry was so right in not extending his contact. Now Perry needs to stop kicking JPP inside on clear passing downs. Stop negating your greatest strength. The NASCAR package must be pulled into the pit.

  1. Jerry Reese
    Jerry Reese is a genius. Justin Tuck has been the heart and soul of the Giants since the departure of Michael Strahan. Unless he is hiding an injury, it looks as though there’s not much gas in the tank. Again, great call on waiting to the very last minute to decide on his contractual future. Perry needs to rotate Osi and Tuck on clear passing downs and leave JPP alone.

  1. Personel dictates scheme! The Giants may need to transition to a 3-4 on passing downs and utilize a blitz package. Adding Rivers, Williams, and Hill to the 3rd down mix fits with realities of the roster. Of course, if Ojomo is ready to contribute, he may be an alternative in the 4-3. Note, how a strength can become a weakness in less than a year!

  1. Kenny Phillips is a step slow and Antrel Rolle takes unbelievably bad angles to the ball. Neither could play centerfield for a local Babe Ruth team. The Giants base defense is cover 2. Without a consistent pass–rush and credible Safety play, the Giants will be giving up large amounts of points each and every game. Is it time to transition to Will Hill?

  1. I am not worried about the play of the Giant CBs. Prince Amukamara and Jayron Hosley will develop this season into solid contributors. The glaring weakness at CB will stabilize.

  1. Coach Tom is a conservative man. He would rather accept dependable and average, than tolerate the precociousness of young talent. Coach Tom don’t do change! It took a David Diehl injury to reconfigure the OL in a way that was way past needed. It took an Ahmad Bradshaw injury to give another running back a chance to revive an anemic running attack. Coach Tom is amazingly inflexible in a League that demands constant change and instant adjustment.

  1. Thank God for Eli Manning.

  1. Nicks and Cruz are the best receiving tandem in the NFL.

  1. Black Unicorn is a physical freak with average hands.

  1. Lets have more misdirection with David Wilson. This is a speed league.

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