Monday, October 22, 2012

NY GIANTS: Reese’s (Random) Pieces / 5-2 edition

First things first! Lets hope the unfortunate fellow, who fell from the stadium elevator, will be ok.

Is Cory Webster the new Aaron Ross? God, the man appears to have no ability to play man.

As the Professor predicted, Prince is a stud!

I know Hosely got beat by Moss. Guess what? In 2013, Hosely will be starting opposite Prince, in place of Webster!

How bout that Eli? All game he was off, about a subway sandwich, from his intended target. Then with a minute and change, he mind-melds with Cruz, and drops a bomb into his gut. Eli got smacked just as he was releasing the throw. It reminded me of the Super Bowl throw to Mario Manningham. Cruz’s intelligence gets overlooked. If you don’t know, you should! Eli is clutch.

Chase Blackburn’s expiration date says he’s way past due. Jerry knows he must find a replacement. My guess is Mark Herzlich will not develop into that guy. Perhaps, some configuration of Boley, Williams, and Rivers will become the future alignment?

Martellus Bennett, “Black Unicorn”, has become a vital component in the Giant offense. His hands seem better than I expected, and his blocking is first rate. I am sure Jerry will try to resign him at years end. It doesn’t appear that Adrien Robinson, “the JPP of TE’s”, is developing at a rate that would allow the Giants to let Bennett walk. Of course, Cruz needs a new deal. There may not be enough money to go around. Expect a lot of “name” veterans to be encouraged to test the market.

So far, Markus Kuhn is a pleasant surprise and Marvin Austin is a minor disappointment. There’s still time to make firm conclusions.

Stevie Brown has become a solid replacement for the void at SS.

David Wilson and Ruben Randle will be guys the Giants build there future around.

Welcome back, Chris Canty.

Will Hill, come back ready to go. You have a short leash.

Why was Ahmad Bradshaw channeling Brandon Jacobs? Did he realize the Giants needed to be sharper? A wakeup call, or is he just plain crazy?      

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