Friday, November 9, 2012

NY Giant's Post Pittsburgh Thoughts (6-3)

By The Professor
Staff Writer NFL PRO ZACH

1.With Hakeem Nicks at less than 50%, with Defenses bracketing Cruz (to the point where he is starting to flinch), and with an indecisive Bradshaw, Eli is pressing. His reluctance to take what the opposing Defenses are giving is telling. Both Dallas and Pittsburgh dared the Giants to run the football.  I expect the Bengals to offer up a similar scheme. If the Giants don’t improve the running game, Eli can expect a steady dose of flooded coverages. Nicks must get healthy or Randle must grow up now!

2.If the Giants can’t get the running game going, Gilbride must make some changes. Perhaps, a 1st and 2nd down 4 or 5 wide packages, Wilson’s speed pressing the edges, or going no huddle? It appears that the Giants offensive front will be challenged to match straight up! The Giant offense may need a mix of Plan B.

3.Plan B should also include relegating David Diehl to the big packages, and returning Sean Locklear to starting RT. Of course, if Snee can’t go this coming Sunday, Diehl will slide over to RG and Locklear will regain his position at RT.

4.With regard to   the Defense, it should obvious that at this point, Mark Herzlich is a better feel good story than a MLB. It was nice/sad to see Osi and Webster make, what seems like, their first big play. Marvin Austin has been a big disappointment and has fallen behind Markus Kuhn on the depth cart. Redman and the Pittsburgh running game ran it right down the Giants throat! Is Jerry going to be forced to use a high draft choice on a DT? God help us, if the MVP of the Giant Defense is Chase Blackburn!

5.Has there been a Kiwi sighting? The man has been invisible!!

6.I can tolerate Hosley’s rookie mistakes. He has a bright future.

7.The Giants will welcome back Will Hill. He also has a place in the Giant plans (assuming he can stay clean). Tyler Sash is no more than a special teamer.

8.Speaking of Special Teams, Lawrence Tynes has been almost flawless this season. But, his kickoffs at Met Life were mostly line drives. The coverage had almost no time to adjust. His best kick was a short popup. Hang time must improve!

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