Sunday, March 31, 2013

Johan Santana and the Mets

By: Mr. Met Staff Writer NFL Prozach

Late last week it was revealed that Mets Ace Left Hander Johan Santana has a probable re-tear of his Anterior Capsule is left pitching shoulder.  It has now been reported that Santana will undergo what seems to be season ending surgery this Tuesday.  Meaning Santana has in all probability thrown his last pitch as a New York Mets and possibly is career.  As an outsider looking in you have to praise Johan for all his hard work and for making every time he took the hill as a Met an event.  I will always remember that first night of June last year when Johan completed the first and to this point the only no hitter in New York Mets history.  On a more personal level I will also always remember the excitement I felt when reading the Mets acquired Johan Santana from the Twins as it scrolled across the ESPN Breaking News bar in my college dorm room going into the 2008 season.  But the one thing that bothers me about this whole situation is once again how the Mets continue to botch injuries.  First this team has a clown for a GM in Sandy Alderson who instead of sending a player who claims not to have the proper strength in his arm to complete a bullpen, start, or just something simple like throw off a mound this guy decides to mock him publically to the media and the fans.  This angered Santana so much that he then threw a bullpen the next day, we as the fans will probably never know when this injury occurred but I would hate to believe and right now I do believe that in an effort to answer to the mocking of this clown of a GM that Santana injured himself further in this bullpen resulting in the re-tear of the original shoulder injury.  Johan was always a hard worker so if he said he needed to time off to help strengthen and rest his arm, shoulder, elbow Sandy Alderson and the Mets should of respected that and not publically mock him as they did.  The second point I would like to bring up with this is how this medical staff of the Mets continues to miss diagnose injuries.  The Mets when this situation first started to come to light continuously said that everything in Santana’s shoulder was structurally sound and now on Thursday the Mets say they sent Johan for an MRI and the results was this possible re-tear.  So as a result I don’t know if the Mets just decided to send Johan after months of complaining to get an MRI or they did and like the past botched the original diagnosis.  Either way this is troubling going forward like Beltran’s knee and Ike’s ankle the Mets medical staff needs to get their act together because this is tiring!

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