Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mr. Met’s Mets Address

By: Mr. Met (Staff writer NFL Prozach)

The first weekend of March is over and already the Mets are back at their old tricks injuries, deception, and possible lies from this team’s management’s staff.  Once again the Met’s are becoming riddled by injuries; let’s start with the latest to the Met’s Centerfielder Kirk Nieuwenhuis.  Captain Kirk (as referred to by most fans) left today’s game with what is being called a knee bruise.  However, Nieuwenhuis was seen being carted to the clubhouse, so my question is that how is this just a knee bruise?  To take things a step further if a player injuries his knee enough to the point where he cannot walk off the field under his own power and hasn’t yet seen a doctor given the history of the Met’s medical staff I think it may be premature to call this a knee bruise, I know Collin Cowgill has had a strong showing so far this spring but there is the reason the Mets got him on the cheap.  So what are the Mets to do in Centerfield if this bruise winds up like Ike Davis’s ankle bruise and Carlos Beltran’s knee bruise from years past?   Well besides Collin Cowgill who I already mentioned the Mets may choose to take a long hard look at Matt Den Decker, Den Decker who is known as a glove first Centerfield option maybe what the Mets need in the spacious Citi Field outfield.  But don’t rule out the Mets re- exploring Jordany Valdespin out there as he is quick and athletic and flashes some surprising power as the Mets have a lineup that is deprived off all three features.  Another interesting option would be the take a look at Marlon Byrd in Centerfield.  Byrd has hit well so far this spring and Terry Collins has even said that right now he is the favorite to win the Right Field job outright out of spring training.  Byrd who has played Center Field before would allow the Mets to play Mike Baxter in Right Field or take a chance with a minor league deal on Vladimir Guerrero.  Any way you slice this if Captain Kirk is out any prolonged period of time it may spell trouble for the Mets.  General Manager Sandy Alderson made jokes about the outfield before injuries I wonder if he will now with injuries roll up his sleeves and try to find a solution to this problem.

Now how about what’s going on with Lucas Duda, although, he’s hit relatively well lately he’s been pulled twice from lineups both times due to non-injury related items supposedly.  The first excuse of Duda not being ready to face live pitching because of him being behind due to his wrist injury is a plausible excuse, however, more recently he was pulled from the lineup again with what is being called a non-injury related issue but we were not told what exactly.  Given the recent history of this ball club and organization I have every reason to believe that this is just that injury related ad once again GM Sandy Alderson is trying to play the media and the fans like we are fools.
Before, I get to the Johan Santana situation which is absolutely sickening to me I would like to give you my thoughts on Frank Francisco and Zack Wheeler.   First on Francisco it is now being reported by WFAN that according to Terry Collins he may not be ready for Opening Day and the Mets will go with Bobby Parnell as closer if this is the case.  In my opinion I hope Francisco takes his time and gets healthy and ready to pitch because he was TERRIBLE last year and given the apparent rebuilding stage of this ball club it may not be a bad idea to give Parnell the first shot at being closer with all of spring training to prepare himself for that role.  Now on Zack Wheeler it is being reported that he will throw a bullpen session sometime this week after mildly straining his oblique last Saturday taking batting practice.  This has now become even more of a pressing situation with the Mets with the Santana situation but I would like to state that I for one hope the Mets do not let this situation have any type of effect on how they handle Zack Wheeler or Jenrry Mejia for that manner who has arrived late to spring training due to a random VISA check in his native Dominican Republic.  Mejia looked horrible in his first spring action as it was apparently clear he was not ready for that start.
Now on to Johan Santana, Santana was sidelined with what was called arm weakness at the time.  Some have suggested to me on twitter that this is some type of undisclosed injury to Santana which would then indicate to me another lie by this team’s front office.  However, this is now being characterized by the Met’s staff as Johan Santana not being in pitching shape.  GM Sandy Alderson then went on to say Johan Santana would probably not be able to throw of a mound for another ten days.   Well folks today Santana threw off a mound, although, not from the full distance Santana was defiantly sore afterwards saying to reporters that spring training and practice is for practice.  Santana is obviously sore with the Mets front office and in doing so made them look like fools, although, they do a pretty good job of that themselves.   However, I hope in all this Santana didn’t throw off a mound to answer a dare from GM Sandy Alderson as that could end up impacting Zack Wheeler later in the year which could then have a ripple effect on the Mets long term plan.  With that being said it probably isn’t the greatest idea to publically challenge or try to shame a veteran like Johan Santana who is known for his great work ethic.
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