Saturday, January 28, 2012

What The NY JETS Must Do!

  • Sign Chad Henne thru Free Agency.
As good or better than Mark Sanchez. Sparano! 

  • Trade Mark Sanchez for a 2012 pick.
The heat in the locker room is to much. It's either him or Santonio. The JETS say Holmes is staying!

  • Sign Peyton Manning!
NO BRAINER! The Manning brothers both in the NY/NJ Market?!?!? Goodell is salivating, Sexy Rexy has a man crush, merchandising will go thru the roof, Eli & Peyton can BBQ....I can go on and on and on and on....NEED I SAY MORE?

  • Trade Dustin Keller for a 2012 pick.
He's gone. The rumor is out. 

  • Sign Dallas Clark.
He's available and Peyton will throw to him all day. He will not go back to the Colts.

  • Trade down with the 16th pick

Swap firsts (#22) with Cleveland and get there 2012 3rd round pick. The Jets need help in a lot of areas. 
More potential scenarios coming in my next post...

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David Hadland said...

You are a VERY wise man