Thursday, February 9, 2012


By BrainHeat

In an earlier post, I explained my reasoning for trading Carmelo Anthony straight up for Deron Williams. Although it still may be a possible trade, an unknown until last week has taken center stage.
Jeremy "Grasshopper" Lin has exploded onto the scene. He is putting up solid numbers and invigorated a depleted Knicks roster. D'antoni said, "I'm gonna ride him like Secretariat"! This is the makings of a great story on Broadway. With Stoudemire and Anthony out of the lineup, the Knicks bench is looking like they can climb the Empire State building and bat enemy planes. D'antoni's system maybe realized after all. Before the Melo trade, the Knicks were headed in that direction. They were exciting to watch. It took a dive upon Melo's arrival. D'antoni's system could not be achieved. It's called chemistry. The Knicks may still need to move Melo or Stat to create more chemistry. But it's worth the wait to see if Lin can lead them all to the promised land.
Does the emergence of Jeremy Lin move D'antoni out of the hot seat? 
To all Knick fans: 
May the LINSANITY continue!

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