Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week End's Commentary - 2/12/2012

By BrainHeat

Topic 1 – LinSanity Poses Questions

The Knicks were on life support. Melo and Stat weren't meshing, D'Antoni was counting the days and James Dolan was rethinking his contract with Time Warner Cable. Then came Jeremy Lin. The Asian born Harvard Grad that couldn't get arrested, even in China Town. If you are a fan of the Knicks and the NBA in general, it makes you wonder how many players never get a chance. That's a loaded question isn't it! The D-League, Europe, China, Russia. How many players slip through the cracks? What if every coach in the NBA had a directive from the commissioner that the starting 5 sits for a few games and the bench gets a chance? What would happen? If a bench warmer had the opportunity to shoot 25 shots for that stretch, could he be the next Jeremy Lin? Lebron, Wade and other NBA A-listers are given the opportunity to shoot to there hearts content. We can go on all day about this, but it leads to this question...How many teams have a Jeremy Lin and don't know it?

Topic 2 – The NFL Draft & Combine

We are close to the NFL Combine. The NFL Combine is an audition of sorts for players to show there abilities to NFL scouts. The Jets picked Vernon Gholston with the #6 pick in the draft mainly because of his strong showing at the combine. Do you know where I'm going with this? I am waiting on a book, (One may be out already), on how many teams have been duked at the combine. How did Ryan Leaf do there? Harrington? How many players make NFL rosters that were not drafted? I need a stat guy who can help me with this! Are you out there?

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