Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Professor - Reese's Pieces - Updated

Reese’s Pieces:

Jerry Reese

New York Giant, General Manager, Jerry Reese, has been vindicated and has finally climbed out of George and Ernie’s shadow. He can now take his place among the great Giant GM’s. No longer can the neutral observer not give him his due. Even his Head Coach, who is averse to change, has not been able to frustrate the development of this refreshed roster. Below are 3 reasons why Jerry Reese should be executive of the year.

  1. Reese drafts for value. He will slightly account for need. Only in the later rounds will you see him fill an existing or future hole in the roster. Character does not go over-looked. He has an excellent eye for the bottom half of his roster. Think of all of the guys who have filled in when needed.

  1. Reese is a brutally honest evaluator of his roster. We have seen him reach into free agency to add Baas, Boley, Bernard, Canty, Grant, and Rolle. Each one of these additions have made a positive impact, and have been an important component to this year’s Super Bowl run. How many players has he let move on? How many regrets?

  1. Henry Hynoski - NY Giants
    Reese has put together a player personal and scouting department that deserves praise for unearthing undrafted free agents that have not only made the roster, but have added to the winning formula. Obviously, Victor Cruz is the gemstone of this group, and Henry Hynoski is the setting. 2 starters and a solid group of contributors. WOW.

Enjoy the Giants in this year’s Super Bowl. Try and remember how each player came to be a New York Giant. You may begin to appreciate the job Jerry Reese has done in turning over this roster, since the Giants last Super Bowl appearance 4 years ago.

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