Friday, July 19, 2013

Is Travis d'Arnaud Still a Top Prospect?

By: Mr. Met Staff Writer for NFL Prozach

It is now after the All Star Break which many consider the half way point in the season, although, the statistical half way point occurs earlier. Point being with a little over 2 months left in the season Travis d'Arnaud the Mets "Top Prospect" is still not in games.  To me this is concerning because it marks another lost year of development for d'Arnaud who missed most of last season with an injury as well.  In fact, according to ESPN New York's Adam Rubin the best possible case for d'Arnaud would be a September call-up.  Remember when it was thought among all beat reporters, pundits, and fans alike that d'Arnaud would be with the Mets before Zack Wheeler.  More importantly than that GM Sandy Alderson said he would only trade CY Young award winner RA Dickey if it would help the Mets not only beyond 2013 but 2013 itself because he would not punt this year away. 
Now I certainly did not believe Alderson when he said this nor did I disagree with trading Dickey for prospects, however, lets play devils advocate here for a minute.  Lets say the Mets didn't trade Dickey and held on to him for this year. The Mets are currently 41-50 or in other words 9 games under .500 and 11 games back of the division lead while 10 games back of the wild card.  With the injury to Niese and Santana the Mets rotation besides Harvey has been inconsistent.  What if Dickey was still here? What would a 1-2 punch of Harvey and last year's Cy Young award winner without a change of scenery given he has struggled in Toronto look like? Where would the Mets be in terms of that 41-50 record and in terms of the standings concerning the wild card or perhaps the division with the trade deadline coming up and some key pieces perhaps coming off the disabled list relatively soon.  One could only imagine.  No for the more pressing point d'Arnaud.  With loosing 2 years due to injury it is conceivable that d'Arnaud will again have to start next year with a September call-up or not in the minor leagues. 
d'Arnaud will be 25 years old next year and most likely still looking to get seasoning in the minor leagues.  Franchise players by that time well they are in the big leagues not answering health questions.  Point being it might be time for d'Arnaud to shed the label of top prospect and gain the label as one of those players with potential when or if he can stay healthy. Later this weekend I will have a post up on my thoughts with what the Mets will or should look to do at the trade deadline.  In short, I am disappointed in the fact that the Mets once again let leak that they will look to acquire an impact bat and once again it looks like the Mets will either stand pat or sell.  At some point the lies with the Alderson administration have got to stop and he needs to be held accountable for the results of the MLB product.  By the way in case you were wondering that was Carlos Beltran out in Right Field at Citi Field during last weeks All- Star game. 
Zack Wheeler well he is still struggling with command and control of the strike zone just wanted to say that!

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