Thursday, September 6, 2012

NY Giants: Ten First Impressions

By The Professor
NFL PRO ZACH Staff Writer

10 First Impressions:
  1. Victor Cruz
    Victor Cruz, stop looking through the earhole of your helmet for Laron Landry.
  2. David Diel has had a wonderful career with the Giants. HAD…. Past tense!
Start Beatty at LT and move Locklear to RT.
  1. Chase Blackburn should return to teaching school. Go with Boley, Rivers, and Kiwi as our base LBs.
  2. A pass rush, without gap discipline, against an elusive Quarterback, Priceless!
  3. Without an effective pass rush, the Giants weak back end will be exposed.
  4. David Wilson
    I can only assume, the slant cannot be defended without exposing greater vulnerabilities.
  5. Poor David Wilson. Since Tom won’t play him for the rest of the season, you could argue we wasted a draft choice. Jerry, you need to intervene and not let Tom destroy this talented prospect.
  6. Nick’s looked at half speed.
  7. There will be no issue with finding a 3rd receiver. Hixon seems ready for a great year.
  8. “Unicorn” will be an excellent replacement for Jake Ballard.

Sour Grapes:

Last night’s replacement referees were a complete joke. I have no idea why there is not more outrage! They allowed Dallas DBs to mug the Giant WRs all night. The 4th quarter interference call, they finally made, was actually the least blatant of the group. Also, did the League tell the replacement Refs to not worry about calling holding? At least for last night, holding was no longer a penalty. Today the talking heads are complementing Rob Ryan and the Dallas D. This is an insult to educated of the fans. The Referees proved that the only thing they witnessed as and infraction is motion on the offense. Roger was at the game last night. If this is an indication of Sunday’s officiating, I suggest he remove himself to a bunker.

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Jerome Manson said...

I do agree the replacement officials were not great, but hopefully the NFL will hurry up and come to an agreement with the regular officials. What I worry about, is that someone will get seriously hurt because of the replacement refs.