Friday, April 27, 2012

Chicago Bears First Round: Thrillionaire Speaks

Imagine you’re six years old, it’s Christmas morning, and under the tree lays a bevy of finely wrapped gifts. But every box is filled with socks. 

 After San Diego took Melvin Ingram, visions of sugar-plums began dancing in my head. DeCastro, Reiff, Konz, Jones… all of these gifts were somehow still available, and the bears passed, for socks.

This particular pair of argyles is Shea McClellin, a pseudo-speedy tweener (DE/LB) from Boise State. To his credit, he’s a fine player, but one that fits well into a defensive system that Chicago doesn’t run.

Word on the street is the Bears main reason for taking him, was to make sure Green Bay didn’t get him. That’s like if you hate going to the dentist, you decide that you’ll enact some sort of revenge by shitting your pants in his office. Sure you’ll stink up the place, and make the dentist a little uncomfortable, but you’re still stuck in his chair with shit-filled pants.

Look I hope I’m wrong. I hope the Pride of Western Idaho comes in and is next coming of Clay Matthews Jr. I’m just saying that right now, I’d rather have used the first round pick on a guaranteed every down starter and possible all-world thumb protector at guard (DeCastro).   

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