Monday, April 2, 2012

Jonathan Stewart to NY Giants?

Article: Gather

by Larry Seely

The NY Giants have lost a few key role players during NFL free agency and that coupled with the injuries that happened in the Super Bowl, has this team looking to add depth in several areas.
Jonathan Stewart
The latest trade rumor has the team fixing one of the problems as the team has been linked in a deal with Carolina for running back Jonathan Stewart. With the loss of Brandon Jacobs this last week to San Francisco, this team has a hole at running back, and Stewart is more than capable of taking over a roster spot on the defending Super Bowl champs.
Stewart is bulky at 5'10" and 235 pounds, but the former first-round draft choice is also very good in passing situations and would actually give the NY Giants another weapon to use on offense. With 3,500 yards rushing and 26 touchdowns, Stewart is a jack of all trades, and last year he made a career high 47 receptions. His addition could make this team even better in 2012.
The NFL is not known for many trades, but at draft time teams look to fill needs and it is the best time to get players in exchange for draft picks. Look for the front office to have a busy time leading up to the draft, and if they make the right moves, this team could challenge for another title this upcoming football season.

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