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By Coach Lambeau

While I was not fortunate enough to follow Curly Lambeau's career, this native New Yorker was the recipient of Instant Replay, immediately upon its publication. This seminal look into the Green Bay Packer's 1967 NFL season, which as luck what have it, ended with the book's author throwing the key block allowing Bart Starr to score the winning points in the NFL Championship game. Quite frankly, you can't make this stuff up - Vince Lombardi, The Ice Bowl with its Frozen Taundra, a last minute win in what people at the time considered THE football title game, i was immediately hooked. Coach Lambeau has been a devout fan every since, and has raised two daughters who are equally devout fans....and yes, all three of us are proud Packers shareholders.

Between today and the opening of training camp, I will spend more time on each of the Packers' draft picks, and any other important personnel changes.

Opening Thought:

Since Aaron Rodgers took over the Packers’ offense, it has been become a virtually unstoppable jaugernaut. Even with the powerful offense they possessed, in the 2010 and 2011 draft they took a large majority of their draft pick to bolster the offense.

And it is a formula that worked - Lombardi Trophy for the 2010 season and a near perfect regular season in 2011. The strategy reminds me of my favorite baseball team, the Yankees – just keep loading on offensive firepower and you will be able to overcome your “opposite side of the ball’ weakness.
The 2012 draft appears to be a reaction to the oft cited 2011 comment that they had the worst defense in the league. For reasons i still don’t comprehend, the league measures the best defense and offense back on yards. If instead you look at the stat that matters, their offense scored 35 points per game and their defense allowed 22.4 points; that strikes me as winning ratio.

2012 Draft – first 6 picks defense; given Mike McCarthy and his coaches ability to get immediate production out of young talent, i see the Lombardi Trophy, and the Super Bowl MVP, coming back to Wisconsin.

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