Friday, September 7, 2012

NY JETS: Finally an Analyst with some MOXIE!

BrainHeat Says....I've been saying this since January! Way to go Heath!!!!

By James Walker - ESPN New York
Analyst: Tebow can lead Jets to playoffs

Heath Evans - NFL Network
The New York Jets’ first game of the regular season is not until Sunday. But the calls for Tim Tebow are already underway. 

NFL Network analyst Heath Evans is the first to jump the Tebow bandwagon. Evans says the Jets can win 10 games this season if they don’t waste their time with starter Mark Sanchez.

Start Tebow now, Evans advises, and the Jets will make the playoffs. 

"A Rex Ryan defense and a Tebow-led offense could work together to easily frustrate 10 teams on the Jets' schedule. New York's defense matches up extremely well with almost every squad the Jets play this season, except for the Patriots, Houston Texans and Pittsburgh Steelers.

If the Jets turn Tebow loose under new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, and truly play "ground and pound" football, they could make the playoffs in 2012, rather than miss out for a second consecutive season."
Tim Tebow - NY Jets

Are the Jets a playoff team with Tebow this year? I don't see it.

I think New York's best chance to win is with Sanchez passing well and Tebow running well. Asking Tebow to be the primary passer on the team is risky given his very bad mechanics and lacking accuracy.

The Jets would have to change their entire offense and this is a team that probably couldn't handle something so drastic. Tebow worked his magic last year as the starter with the Denver Broncos, but I can’t see a repeat of that with the Jets. New York should stick with Sanchez unless he struggles. 

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