Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mets Raise Ticket Prices: Are they kidding me!

By Mr. Met
Staff Writer NFL PRO ZACH

The New York Mets have already announced their ticket prices for Opening Day and boy oh boy I’m I steamed.  How can they justify after the last 3 years they’ve had charging $63 bucks for a Promenade level seat in the Outfield.  Folks these are the worst seats in the house and if you want to sit anywhere near the vicinity of the field it will almost cost you a $100 bucks for the ticket alone.  This doesn’t even include the money you know you will spend on your favorite food (for me it’s the shake shack if you haven’t tried it you’re missing out).   

This team has been atrocious for years with management who refuse to invest into their own product and then have the audacity to blame the fans for it by saying we don’t attend the games.  This might be the exact reason why Mets management you guys jack up prices again after another season of subpar baseball.  They let franchise players walk and then let others wait in the limb for a contract extension that I believe may not come at this point they are absolutely laughable. I personally attend opening day every year with my brother and other family members, permitting what I have going on in my personal life. This year if nothing is done to improve this team I will exercise my right as a fan to refuse to go and I hope all of you do the same! It’s time to stand up to this management team and show them we as fans at least expect an honest effort on their part to improve this team!

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