Friday, November 30, 2012

New York Mets Update:

By Mr. Met
Staff Writer NFL PRO ZACH
·        According to Andy Martino of the New York Daily News now that the Mets have inked Wright to an extension they will move their interest to RA Dickey and negotiations can become intense quickly.
·        According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York the Mets are willing to spend on 1 quality outfielder. Options here according to Rubin are free agent outfielders Ryan Ludwig, Cody Ross, and much to my delight Angel Pagan!
·        On Sny’s Mets Hot Stove Report last night the panel suggested that Shane Victorino may be a guy that can fall into the Mets price range this winter.
·        According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York the Mets have told Mike Pelfrey that he will be non-tendered at tonight’s dead line, Pelfrey told Rubin that he will not return to the Mets for a lesser deal unless he is guaranteed not to be the odd man out of the rotation.  
·        Lastly according to the New York Post joining the list of non-tendered at tonight’s deadline will be outfielder Andres Torres and relief pitcher Manny Acosta.
First on Dickey I think it is important that the Mets figure out what they’re going to do with him rather quickly as the winter meetings start on Monday.  If they’re going to trade him that would certainly be the place to do so because teams are looking to make a splash.  Also, if they’re going to give him a deal that would also be the place to do so because they need to start filling out their rosters and a lot of the grunt work towards trades and free agent signings if not all the work happens at these meetings.  

As far as the outfield situation goes I think after handing out the contract they did to Wright and with the news about Dickey it’s refreshing to hear the Mets are willing to spend a little to bring one to Queens. However, it needs be the right outfielder and I do not think Ludwig fits that description unless it’s on a very team friendly deal. As you know from reading my past post on my offseason plan I like Pagan for the Mets, it just seems like the right fit here.  However, Victorino is an intriguing option on a similar deal. Although, I hate his guts I think he might be what this team needs to light the fire that has not been lit in Flushing for a long time.  Either way it is refreshing to hear the team is willing to spend more money again after spending some already!  One more note just because team non-tenders a player that does not mean they can’t resign him to a more team friendly contract which has been the rumor with Torres. But there should also be some more interesting names on the free agent market after tonight’s deadline.

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