Friday, November 30, 2012

Mets Ink Wright to an Extension!

By Mr. Met
Staff Writer NFL PRO ZACH

The New York Mets and David Wright have agreed on a contract extension that will most likely make Wright a New York Met for life.  This news was first reported by WFAN’s Ed Coleman and is the largest contract in team history.  According to Coleman including the 16 million dollar option Wright’s deal is now worth 138 million dollars over the next 8 years! However, Coleman also reports to be less of a financial burden on the team the deal is not going to be back loaded as previously thought.  Apparently Wright will make the most money in the middle years of his contract or his prime years this will allow the Mets in theory to spend more money now on a team to compete and at the end of his career when Wright is no longer producing like a top third baseman that he is today less so the team can again spend more money on other players. The team has not made an official announcement as of yet.’s Mathew Cerrone believes due to Wright’s attendance at teammates Daniel Murphy’s wedding this weekend, the winter meetings next week, and Wright’s pending physical that the announcement will be in about 2 weeks. 

According to’s Anthony DiComo when this becomes official at a press conference Terry Collins plans to ask David to become the team’s next captain in which case Wright would be honored with the same C that bestowed John Franco and Keith Hernandez on his jersey.   
Quite frankly it’s about time this deal is done as I and many other Mets fans were getting worried.  Now not only is this deal done both sides come out smelling like roses!  Not only did the Mets give David Wright the largest contract in team history to be the face of this franchise for years to come they will also give him the Captain’s C.  All this now says David is our man and was either going to win with him or loose with him. Wright also comes out of the deal looking great. He accepts the deal within the first few days of it being reported.  He then defers money and structured his deal so now the Mets can spend now to build around him and spend more when he is an aging player perhaps to pay the next face of this franchise.  In any scenario the Mets will avoid or have to a lesser degree with David the contract issues the Yankees across town are going through with their aging star third baseman Alex Rodriguez.  All in all everything is great in Mets land at least for the next few days!

LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!

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