Saturday, December 15, 2012

NY METS: Mets Fans... We Deserve Better!

By Mr. Met
Staff Writer NFL PRO ZACH

Mets fans it is time that the people in charge of this ball club make a better effort towards putting a winning product on the field.  

Last year at the end of the season Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson went on Mike Francesca’s radio program and basically said to expect changes to this team’s roster and who can blame him, Alderson’s Mets the last 2 seasons have gone a combined 151-173.  

In other words this team STINKS!

 However, earlier this week I read on and heard today on WFAN from host Evan Roberts that Alderson is now singing a different tune saying that the team we saw at the end of 2012 will be similar to the one we will be seeing in 2013.  To me this is a few things unacceptable, alarming, disgusting are just a few things that come to mind.  I keep hearing and reading that the Mets have money to spend but that there are no free agents out there that are worth it.  I find that hard to believe that a team with one of the worst bullpens in the league, no quality outfielders, and no quality catchers would think that guys like Nick Swisher, Cody Ross, Mike Adams, or even AJ Pierzynski would not help this ball club!  Perhaps it’s like Roberts so eloquently pointed out today who knows if the Mets have money to spend or don’t Alderson has brought in two handpicked guys in Paul DePodesta and JP Ricciardi.  These guys along with Alderson make a lot of money; maybe just maybe they can get creative here and acquire some players through trades!  I understand that in cases of trades sometimes you trade away a guy who then becomes a superstar or a very productive player, but the point of this post isn’t to examine why the Mets are not winning but why this front office isn’t trying!  

For example take this mess with RA Dickey, to go beyond the he said she said nonsense why on Earth do the Mets still at the middle of December have no plan of action whether it is to sign or trade him!  I know you will get the people who say Alderson is waiting out the market for this exact situation that we are in today where all the dominos have fallen, what I am saying is I believe he has no idea what he wants to do or what the plan of attack is to help the Mets move forward and become a winner in the future. Alderson jokes about going on so called “fact finding missions” and having his dog Buddy tweet for the day, to me this is a slap in my face!  As someone who has supported and continues to support this team to the point where my friends refer to me as Mr. Met this is totally unacceptable!  In my opinion when Alderson went on WFAN at the end of the season last year and stated to expect changes to this roster I said so then and I still think so today and that is that he flat out lied!  The man is very savvy when it comes to the media and I know what his track record with Oakland was before the era of Billy Beane and how he built the A’s with Tony La Russa into a winner.  However, that was then and this is now and the now is that this teamSTINKS and as it is a complete and utter joke! I encourage all you fans to follow Alderson on twitter @MetsGM and voice your dissatisfaction with him there!  I know I certainly will and if things stay the same I will be the guy in the stands on opening day in the Wright jersey singing MEET THE MUTS!  Mets fans we DESERVE BETTER!
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