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MLB Picks

By: Mr. Met (Staff Writer for NFL Prozach)


Washington Nationals (Best Record #1 Seed)

Atlanta Braves (Wild Card Winner)

Philadelphia Phillies

New York Mets

Miami Marlins

My Take on the NL East:

The Nationals are loaded here and might not only have the best record in the NL but MLB is general. They have a ton of young proven talent which has yet even hit its potential lead by Ace right hander Stephen Strasburg and Left Fielder Bryce Harper with a good group of veterans such as Rafael Soriano, Adam LaRoche, and Jayson Werth. The Braves are also a loaded, stacked, and young team and are probably the second best team in the NL but will have to go the wild card route here because the Nationals are just too strong.  The Phillies will finish third here, although, Utley and Howard are healthy and they added Michael Young this team is too aged to compete with the Braves and Nationals.  The second wild card spot is not out of the question but the fact that they will see the two best teams in the NL more often than their competition for that spot since they play in the same division.


NL Central:

Cincinnati Reds (3rd Seed)

St. Louis Cardinals

Pittsburg Pirates

Milwaukee Brewers

Chicago Cubs  


My Take on the NL Central:

I think the Reds are the favorites to win here in the weakness division in the NL.  However, I think the Cardinals should make things interesting and the Pirates might make a run at the top spot as well as they are an improving team as well. I can also see a scenario where the Brewers now with the addition of Kyle Lohse can make a run at the title as well.  Overall I think this will be a tightly contested race here with the Reds coming out on top.


NL West:

San Francisco Giants (#2nd seed)

LA Dodgers (Wild Card Winner)

Arizona Diamondbacks

San Diego Padres

Colorado Rockies


My Take on NL West:

I think the Giants with their rotation and overall pitching depth, Buster Posey, and Hunter Pence have enough to win this division comfortably. I do not think the Dodgers are as good as advertised but their ownership has shown and commitment to winning so I believe they win a close tight race with the Phillies and Diamondbacks for the second wild card because they will make the necessary moves at the deadline. 



Wild Card Round:

Braves over Dodgers


Divisional Round:

Nationals over Braves

Giants over Reds


NL Championship:

Nationals over Giants

My Take:

I think the Nationals are the best team in the NL and their lineup, bullpen, and Strasburg’s arm for the full year will put them over the top and will prove too strong for the Giants even with their pitching depth.



Toronto Blue Jays (3rd seed)

Baltimore Orioles (Wild Card winner)

Tampa Bay Rays

New York Yankees

Boston Red Sox


My Take on the AL East:

I think the Orioles and Jays will be neck and neck all year here.  I feel as if the Jays are the better team right now as they have a tremendous rotation which is probably the best in baseball and this will ultimately give them the edge over the Orioles.   I believe the Orioles will ultimately win one of the two wild card spots.  I think the Rays did not do enough in the offseason to warrant me taking them over the Jays or Orioles of for a wild card spot as I feel they will fall just short.  The Yankees even when healthy are probably not as talented as the Jays, Orioles, or Rays.


AL Central:

Detroit Tigers (1st seed)

Kansas City Royals

Cleveland Indians

Chicago White Sox

Minnesota Twins

My Take on the AL Central:

The Tigers will be the best team in AL at least for the regular season as this division will prove to be a no contest.  However, I think the Royals will be ready to make a run and early on might make the Tigers and some of the other Wild Card contenders sweat as I feel they will eventually simmer off but still have enough to finish second in this division.

AL West:

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (2nd Seed)  

Texas Rangers (Wild Card Winner)

Oakland Athletics

Seattle Mariners

Houston Astros


My Take on the AL West:

Trout, Pujols, Hamilton, and Trumbo should be enough to give the Angels the best record in the AL West but their lack of pitching may prove to be their Achilles heel. I go back and forth on the A’s and Rangers here but I feel that the veterans on the Rangers should give them the edge for a wild card spot as overall I feel the Orioles, Rangers, Athletics, Rays, and even the Yankees will all be bunched and fighting for those 2 spots. I also think the Mariners are a much improved team and have a shot to finish .500 if all goes well.
AL Playoffs:
Wild Card Round:                      
Rangers over the Orioles
Divisional Round:
Tigers over the Rangers
Jays over the Angels
AL Championship:
Jays over the Tigers
My thoughts on the AL:
I think the Tigers will have the best record in the AL and the Angels will put together a strong regular season but I think the Blue Jays who may struggle at first in the tough AL East will eventually catch fire and win their division and with their pitching staff lead by RA Dickey who will be able to pitch on 3 days rest in the playoffs they will provide matchup problems for any team especially since they boast a lineup that can score runs.
World Series:
Toronto Blue Jays over the Washington Nationals
My Take:
Ultimately I feel the Nationals will have the strongest regular season and easiest path to the World Series but for the same reasons that I picked the Jays to come out of the AL I feel they will win the World Series.
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