Friday, March 8, 2013

USA vs. Mexico Game 1 Preview

By: Mr. Met (Staff Writer NFL PROZACH)


Pitching Matchup:

RA Dickey (Team USA): First Appearance in 2013 WBC

                                    Yovani Gallardo (Team Mexico): First Appearance in 2013 WBC

·        This matchup features two of the better right handers in the MLB; it will be interesting to see how Team Mexico’s lineup particularly the bat off Adrian Gonzalez will do this early in March against Dickey’s knuckleball.   Maybe it’s the Met’s bias but I give the edge here to Team USA’s Ace RA Dickey coming off his CY Young season.



Team USA:

Jimmy Rollins- SS

Brandon Phillips- 2b

Ryan Braun – LF

Joe Mauer – DH

David Wright- 3b

Eric Hosmer – 1B

Giancarlo Stanton – RF

Adam Jones- CF

JP Arencibia- Catcher
Team Mexico:

Arredondo- CF

Pena- 2b

Cruz- 3b

 Adrian Gonzalez- 1b

Cantu – DH

Garcia- RF

Gonzalez – LF

Felix- C

Velazquez- SS

·        I think Team USA has huge advantage with their lineup which might be one of the best if not the best in this tournament.  With that being said Gallardo is a more than capable pitcher and may prove difficult for them to solve fortunately for them with the pitch count he cannot pitch deep into this game.

For more during the game follow me on twitter @MrMetNFLPROZACH as I will be live tweeting during the game! And check back here tomorrow for my update on Johan Santana, Zack Wheeler, and the Mets as well as my weekly state of the Mets address!


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